My corny new year's message - my zen moment

A dear friend suggested that I do a year end wrap up (oops, I'm late) or better yet a message for the new year. 

What can I say?

Spending the last 10 days sunning and funning, eating too much, napping, reading and doing very little writing has been a sheer delight. Thanks to my apartment in the sky above the sea which I so often gloat about. 

Trust me, you would, too.

My slice of paradise is on borrowed time but I can assure you that I'm enjoying every ticking minute. So, what does this having to do with the brazen year '09?

Brazen. You gotta love that word.

That's what I see ahead. Living deliberately. Out loud. With vitality like never before.

Why not? 

The news is depressing. We're all holding our breaths each day we get to spend in our offices. We see well groomed girls begging for money at busy intersections. We listen to the infinite noise about the Middle East. We watch gas prices go up. We watch them go down. We see waste all around us. 

What do we have, but now? 

Living in the moment has been a slogan bandied about for quite some time. Zen masters may have been early advocates yet present time calls for this prescription more than ever.

So, in addition to the personal and more specific goals I've mapped out for 2009, many which I'm sure grace your lists, I am choosing not to simply live in the moment but to revel in each and every one.

No more self-pity. No more blame. No more over-judging every iota of life. 

Celebrating life. How ever cliche that may sound, and it does, I feel like there is no alternative. 

Then comes the sharing of the celebration. With friends. With family. With those less fortunate. And, with that one who stands beside me.

The celebrating needs to be a happy infection. It must proliferate and resist every strain of antibiotic known to man. 

Permanent. No turning back.

And, inside of the celebration, we must remember to feel our feelings. Are you going into diabetic shock yet?  Don't mock, take heed. It may also sound trite, but trite it is not. In fact, feeling our feelings is something that modern man (and woman) spend a lot of time avoiding, medicating, denying or just plain ignoring.

Trust me on this. A little feeling goes a long way.

Try it.

It's what put Chicken Soup for the Soul books on the map. A safe haven was brilliantly erected for just that reason. People didn't know that's what was happening to them. It was a blessing they may still not fully understand.

Stand up and cheer. Run wildly through the streets. Hug someone unexpectedly. Sob like crazy at a movie. Sob like crazy not at a movie. 

Most of all, laugh. 

It's a fleeting moment,  this life, and taking it too seriously can be hazardous for your health.

Laugh more.

Love will indeed chase  you.

That's my wish for me and for you.

Happy New Year people!

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