My Country Kitchen Makeover

WSH Kitchen is Getting a Makeover


WSH (aka White Sweet House, aka 100+ yr old farmhouse in the country) is going to get a makeover in the kitchen. I've blogged about my love of all things white and how I desperately want to paint my kitchen cabinets white. Well, I'm starting in this home first with the painting. If all goes well, I can bring that painting creativity back to Chi-town and re-do our city kitchen. 

Since this is a somewhat substantial project I need to have a plan. Who am I kidding... I like to have a plan for just about anything. So dreaming turns into planning & planning turns into reality. That's my philosophy. 

Here's the kitchen before we moved in. 


The countertops are a dark green laminate. Fine enough however once again with my proclivity for change... 

                                      Enter My Change Up Plan

Cabinets will be painted white: Here's the how-to on the painting project. Again, this is a pretty significant project and I will have to plan for meals and clean up another way... hmmmm... Looks like lots of grilling and paper plates. 


       Countertop Re-do How-to

Countertops will be given either the "concrete-like" effect applied to them or I may change them to white countertops. Here's the laminate to concrete countertop how-to.



Here's the white countertop how-to. This site is so helpful. I will be tackling this project when I head up to Michigan next week, once school is finally out!


Rust-Oleum also provides transformation kits for cabinets and countertops plus tutorials and how-to videos for ease of use. 



So a little countertop cleaning, sanding, priming, drying, painting, waiting, painting, more drying and waiting, top-coat - more waiting and drying. I'm guessing a week for the project. But while I'm "waiting for the drying to complete" I'll be taking the crew to the beach. 

I think this is a great plan! I'll keep you posted. 

Carol H. Wright

Urban Living the Wright Way