My Crafty Dorkiness

Let's talk for a moment about what a dork I am, and how much I love modge podge. I'm always looking for something I can cover with paint and pictures and modge podge and glitter. So when I was at Michael's using the gift card I got from Father-In-Law for Christmas, I found this not-so-attractive-imo iPhone cover for 99 cents, I was so excited to cover it in primer and paint and whatever else I felt like. Originally, I was going to do a pink, sparkly, glow-in-the-dark case for myself. But I have a lifeproof case, and I need a lifeproof case. My phone gets dropped, tossed, rained on, and is generally subject to a lot of abuse. Husband rarely has his phone on him and it does not have a case at all because it does not fit in with his credit card reader. (He thinks he is too cool for Square, he needed a 'real' card reader).

But this 99 cent cover would still work with his super-special credit card reader, so I decided to make it for him. Plus because he works so hard on this house and the business and everything else, I owed him a present.

Without further ado, here it is!


That's his company logo and name, plus his favorite colors: green and yellow. (Did you see my wedding photos? That boy loves him some John Deere)




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