My Current Warm Up Part 1

I decided to start bringing you some actual workouts. With pics and the whole thing! Don't get too excited. It's just as much for me as it is for you. Photographing myself really lets me see where I am with my program. Writing it down helps me memorize it (it's totally different doing things quietly while someone else says things versus you being the one saying them!). Anyway, I'm continuing to stretch myself and do things that even a few months ago I would have never pictured myself doing.

On another note, I think I need a different type of sports bra. I look like I have uni-boob. Lovely.

Warm Up

While this warm up may seem easy for many, it's  important to slowly warm up your body before you start the advanced moves. This warm up will help teach thinkgs like proper stance, breathing, and neutral pelvis. There are six exercises in total, today we'll discuss the first three. 

Pelvic Tilt

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Rib Cage Breathing

What does scoop mean? When you scoop you want to keep your bones in neutral position (imagine a tea cup balancing on your belly just above your pubic bone) and pull your pubic bone up to your belly button … making an ice cream scoop type of hollow.

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 Rib Cage Arms
Ribcage Arms involves preparing your abdominals to stabilize your ribcage and spine as you move your arm and shoulder girdle. As you can see, we're slowing involving different areas of the body.
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Want to practice...then print.

Small Talk:
Have you ever warmed up with these exercises before? What is your favorite warm up exercise?

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, but I'm not your Trainer. Please consult a physician before undertaking any new exercise or diet program.


Carla Bruns (a.k.a. Carli). 

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