My Dad Led His Parents to Faith in Jesus

My Dad was a Christian; he was a man that truly loved God and enjoyed to talk about the Bible to anyone that would sit to listen. The day he got baptized—already an adult—as he stood in the water, waist high, he said words that I will never forget, and publicly proclaimed: “I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and today I do what I am compelled to do.” My father’s wish was that his family, his father and mother included, would also come to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Years later my grandparents did, to my father’s happy delight!

My grandfather lay in his hospital bed, dying, and my father sat by his side comforting him. My father, holding his dad’s hand (because his father could not speak after the stroke he’d had), braved to ask his him if he wanted now to give his heart to Jesus, and to squeeze his hand twice if he meant yes, to which my grandfather did. My father quietly prayed with his father the sinner’s prayer, and asked the Lord to receive their humble prayer. For the first time my Dad and grandpa cried together, as they felt the presence of the Lord.

Sometime later, my grandmother, of her-own-free-will, said to my father that she, too, wanted to accept Jesus as her Savior, and that she would like to follow her commitment with baptism. My father was ecstatic. And most wonderful of all, he had the privilege to hold his mother and then dunk her in the baptismal. A year or so later she became very ill; she’d caught hepatitis from a blood transfusion. But my father was comforted with the knowledge that both his parents would one day wake to meet with the Lord.

My grandparents were very prejudiced people; they didn’t very much like anyone that wasn’t white. But after becoming believers of Jesus Christ, who teaches us that we are all His children, they no longer felt that hatred in their hearts.

My father, too, is now gone, and I, his eldest daughter, find comfort in believing that I will one day meet with him and my grandparents, on the day the Lord will come!

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