My Daughter : )

After my daughter finished her classes yesterday she came over to me :). I really enjoy these visits from her. Even though we do keep in contact several time a day it is nice to have her here with me in my home as well :) .

We took a little visit to the shopping center too : ). It’s fun to see what’s new in the stores, even if you cannot buy everything you want, it is nice to see what you may be able to put on your wishing list ; ). I know that I really like to buy a summer dress, but still having a hard time to find one that I feel is alright. There are so many cute and colorful dresses at rather good and affordable prices but how many times have I ended up buying something in more neutral colors and basic black. I have learned during the years to think twice (not always though *lol*) and then to choose a clothing and a color which I know I will be feeling good to wear frequently.  But this year I have intentions of getting myself a summer dress in lighter colors ; )

I did see a few nice once. I also got my eyes focused on a shoulder bag in the color soft pink : ). At another store, where I often buy my clothes from, I got my eyes on a really perfect dress of my liking. Actually a couple of dresses ; ). So next week I will have to pay a visit to that store again and hopefully they still will have my favorites left : )

After our “window-shopping” tour we went back to my place and had a nice evening together. She stayed over.

This morning I had the weekly laundry date, so I went and did my shores while my daughter still was asleep, she had no classes today so she could give her self a sleep-in-morning ; ).  Then we went out to buy home some lunch. While I was doing the dishes after lunch she went up to the shopping center to buy a really cute top she had seen yesterday. When she returned back she showed me the top and then she handed over the bag to be and said: “This I bought for you mami”.

My sweet little preciosa had bought the soft-pink shade shoulder bag for her mami : ). She really surprised her mami with that : ) 

Mami is so happy and proud to now be the owner of this lovely soft-pink bag : )

soft pink


Spellbound Sky


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