Is that my daughter?!

Today at the store a stranger felt the need to let me know that my daughter is beautiful but she must take after her father. She said she didn't see me in her at all. I was like well I had her and her eyes are blue like me but other than that I don't know what to tell you. Ha. She does favor her father a lot but thought it was funny a stranger thought they should tell me. We had a great day Sunday until the falcons lost. Boooo! Really had hope for my husbands team. Overall great weekend though. Tried a new restaurant Saturday night with family. It is called The Chicken and The Egg. Great dishes. It is a hidden treasure. We were all surprised and I think all 5 of us cleaned our plates! Speaking of restaurants we normally don't eat out but Friday night was one of those nights we just did not want to cook. We ended up at bub-a-que and let me tell you worth every penny. Two beers and two dishes was only 23.00! You get a lot of food too. If you are looking to spend 20 or less go there. Order two plates and water and you will come out pretty cheap. Service is excellent too.

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