My day in the hospital laboring with prodromal labor. There's a first time for everything!

We packed up our room, signed off on everything and Ben and I drove home with our baby still inside of me. He's better at processing the kind of stage of limbo we had been in the day before than I am. I was just angry. I hated not being in control of the situation (stupid human thought, that I'm really in control of anything). I hated the thought of having to repeat the whole ordeal over again: getting the kids situated with someone to watch them, making sure we had everything that we needed for when baby came home, getting myself to the hospital and Ben getting there if he was at work again. Then I thought about sitting in triage for hours on end, waiting to progress, the pushing and hoping and praying that everything would be alright with this child once it had to survive in the outside world.

You know what though? It's all going to be okay. It'll be better than okay because this really is the best for my baby. It was really disappointing coming home after an entire day in the hospital. It was difficult to get my heart to catch up with my head in processing everything that happened. I've had time to process everything and even though it feels like I'll forever be pregnant I understand that this isn't true. This baby will eventually make his/her appearance all in God's perfect timing.


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