My Day at QVC!

How many of us have had a great idea and not acted on it?

I know I sure have!

After years of telling my husband ideas I had and doing nothing about them I was suddenly job eliminated.

Was I upset? Yes!  Was I angry? Yes! Was I scared? Yes!

BUT, what did I do about it?


After 48 hours of shall we say...shock.  I sat down and began writing a book...on an idea that had been swirling around in my head.


Long story short, I later formed a small group with three other Mom's to discuss business ideas.  Something I had been trying to do for 15 years but never was able to actually do.


As we sat down for our first "pitch" meeting...the meeting where we all came armed with our ideas and hoped to settle on one to focus on and go to market with the book was nowhere in my mind.


It was sitting on a shelf collecting dust and I am sure still would be still if not for this group.


After settling on an idea, we went home to do research, met again threw that idea out the window because we just were not passionate about it...then I mentioned the book and all were instantly hooked.

As Mom's they they instantly "got it".  Right then and there I said this book will get on QVC!!!!

That's me...the glass is half full kind of gal!


The book is called Picture Me Cooking - it is a kids cookbook with a twist.  The book combines real food, great recipes, beautiful photos of each recipe, fun facts for the kids to enjoy and much more...BUT the twist is this book has photo pockets on every recipe page to store photos of the children in your life -  what did they make, who did they cook with, was their a wonderful disaster involved or a triumph?  All those precious kitchen/cooking memories most of have - now have a place to go when they are captured. 

Another perk of the book is the last chapter - this is where loved ones hand write in their "signature" recipes, to safely be stored for all time - the book will become a family heirloom! turns out that it is no small feat to get on QVC - with luck on our side we did!!  We were so proud of ourselves for just that!  Then boy were we proud when the first edition of the book arrived!


The big day was a few weeks ago...I had been to the QVC day long class for on air guests (with none other than one of the Real Housewives of NY...Bethany who was there for her book). 

Learned QVC's culture and ethic's (which I must say I am VERY impressed by...they sell the truth and really stand by their products) had a dry run for on-air, went on a tour of the city that is QVC headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania and was excited!


The big day arrived - the on air segment was not until 2:08 PM, however I arrived with one of my partners, Amanda, at 11AM.  We helped arrange the counters for the food the chefs were making from the book, folks were running to and fro in excitement because the next few days Justin Bieber was going to be in studio.  Thank goodness he wasn't there that day, I already was a bit nervous. 

I met with Mary Beth the host for the segment the book was to be on and she was truly wonderful, so nice and cute!  She had already seen the book and loved it, she was going on about how she couldn't wait to get started using it with 3 of her 4 children and then said she was going to talk about it BEFORE I was on air (and she did like 3 times!!)


I went to hair and make up, got my hair teased (yikes) and my face sprayed...yup...had to hold my breath...twice!  I seriously was still in the chair with less that 10 minutes to go.  But that place is an efficient machine - they know what they are doing!!


The microphone and earpiece were put on me and I was whisked to the set...Mary Beth was on air 15 feet from me with another product. 

Chefs were standing my swirling the chocolate and waiting until that last minute to put certain foods down so they would look their best. 


I was getting high fives and knuckle bumps for good luck and my hands were sweaty. 


Then we were live it was to be 7 minutes of talking about the book but what felt like a minute later, I looked at one of the monitors and it said 1 minute and 24 seconds left....then it was over and I just started to shake and went back to the green room to see how it went! 




 All day for 7 minutes and I only remember it by watching the video of it on QVC's website. 

What fun though, after I was ready to go right back and do it again (well except for all that make up).


My message is to anyone reading this is - DO IT!!   Just do it!!  What's your idea...take it and run with it!


The way I look at it....we are all standing under an apple tree bursting with big juicy apples....if we never reach our hand up to grab one and take a bite...we will never know what it would have tasted like.


Reach up and pull...pull hard!


Colleen Kennedy




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