The Gift of My Dear Friend's Catch Phrases

If I were a tree and beneath my branches lay gifts adorned in lovely holiday fare, I would hide the small collection wrapped in gilded sheets of friendship tied with bows of years together.

They are from my friend Cathy, and I would hide them because I know the contents. They fall into the priceless category; not for sale. Only to be distributed at the perfect times, and with Love's careful delivery.

The contents are no secret, however, because they have been shared among her family and friends all her adult life. They are the gifts of her prolific and perfect catchphrases. Let's open one, shall we?

Her Exclamations

If we were a comedy team, I would normally play the straight man and she the comic relief. Cathy wears her emotions on the frayed ends of her sleeves and they are generally punctuated with exclamations such as...

"Coo-Coo for CoCo Puffs!" "Cripes!," or "Ye GADS!"

Sometimes she'll see something, pick it up and exclaim,

"Gad zooks!"

Other times some mission has been foiled and it's, "Arrrrg!" Or, perhaps a mission has been accomplished and in her sing-song, deadpan tone I'll hear, "Yippee Skippy" or "Oh joy, oh rapture." These exclamations, delivered in the perfect deadpan, then make said accomplished mission all the richer.

"Hali-Tosis!" makes me giggle.
And, "Groovy, Marcia"

is one of her favorites. I've heard it in a hundred different versions. Go ahead try it. GROO-vy, Marcia. Groovy, MAR-cia. See? It works.

And then, for all the injustices in the world there are two:

"For crying a bucket!" and, "Criminey hatchet!"

A point of history is in order for these. Her father said Criminey Hatch, and she's added the "et" to ensure copyrights have not been infringed.

And then, there are her Responses...


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