My Depression, Some Robin Williams, and Shaking It All Off

These are my goals today. Maybe they sound a bit high, that's likely because in their own way, they are. For me though, today, they're not all that high. I don't have a to-do list I'm trying to check things off of. I'm not anticipating any business calls with good information. I'm not struggling within the systems or structure of any household business task. I'm not relying on information from or about others today. I'm not even putting myself in a place to think about much of anything. What I am doing is allowing myself to be free of thoughts and pressures. Those very thoughts and pressures are what has piled up.

Things have piled up to a point where they've begun to be unmanageable. And when things are unmanageable I want to control them, but my lack of control over life and life's events feeds a cycle of expectation and anxiety, then there's the stringent rules, which all feeds the lack of control, which feeds the negative thoughts and the seeking for more control and on and on and on.

So, to all my blogging friends and anyone else who happens across this post today. Thank you for being there and thank you for understanding. I needed to get this out and on 'paper' today. I'm glad each and every one of you are here. I'm glad I've written my truth for the day, thank you for listening.

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