My Dirty Little Blogging Secrets

My Dirty Little Blogging secrets.  I am not saying these are good, bad, right or evil.  Just saying I do them.

I lurk.  I lurk a lot.  I lurk and judge.  Some blogs I lurk to learn and some I lurk, well for my fun.  Let’s face it I want my blog to be good.  I wouldn’t mind more readers and more comments.  There I put it out into the universe.  I have an ego.  So, I check out some of the big bloggers and I lurk.  For example I read, The Pioneer Woman|Ree Drummond all the time but never ever comment!  In addition, I have researched how the big bloggers started.  How long it took them and so on.  But, I like I said, I never comment on their blogs.  I am sure some of you can relate but I also lurk for fun too, well, my kind of fun.

Now, the other reasons I lurk.  Oh, boy.  Here it goes.  Some bloggers fascinate me in a ‘people watching’ kind of way.  And let’s face it we ‘people watch’ to judge.  When we ‘people watch’ we are making assumptions about those people.  Why else are we watching?  Take a moment and think about it!  Thinking?  Yeah, you just realized what you really do when you ‘people watch.’  Anyway, some blogs I read and I just can’t believe what I am reading.  I love to come back for more.  It is weird.  I won’t comment because I have no respect for the blogger, now that is not always the reason but many of the times it is.

Anyway, below are my Dirty Little Secrets of blogging.

Let us start with they types of blogs I visit!

Liars (obviously I don’t comment because I have no respect for the blogger):  I don’t believe a word they are saying.  Or, let’s just say I think they are blowing smoke up their readers, you know what!   I find it amazing how many of the commenters  fall for it and yet I find myself drawn to the falseness.  Although, I love to read the comments to see if anyone calls the blogger out and low and behold the blogger always seem to get a comment or two questioning their story.  Or better someone will say, “Wow, it seems you have a lot of these type of stories.”  Which is clue the commenter is getting leery.  Anyway, I have fun lurking,  I can’t wait to see what story is going to be presented and how many comments are going to follow.  It is funny to watch the commenters try to one-up each other too.  It is all like they all live in the fantasy land with the blogger!!

The Crazies (Again, no respect for the blogger):  Oh, these are my favorites.  One recently admitted they thought if they shared their crazy life they might get huge like  That made me giggle.  This blogger is no Heather B. Armstrong.  The Crazies are a blast.  They tell you everything and anything and then if you comment that they might be going off the deep end they get mad. Oh, these bloggers claim they love all opinions and want open communication and blah, blah, blah. No don’t fall for it, run, run far away from the commenting page. BUT,  These bloggers are blast to read just remember don’t try to comment or even try to begin a blogging relationship with them because they are truly crazy!

The Linky Party Blogs (  Now, this is a mix bag for me, some I like and some not so much):  I lurk these blogs mostly, on occasion I will comment.  Oh, by the way, I am talking about the Blogger that only does Linky parties, they very rarely write their own post.  They seem to be only able to host a Linky party or participate in a Linky party.  I am not talking about a blogger that does one Linky party a week or a month.  There is a difference.  Anyway, the Linky Party blogger I like to lurk because I checkout who is participating, many times it is the same people over and over and over again.  Sometimes I check out the different bloggers participating.  Which leads me to…..

Hopping around lurking  (this leads me to many bloggers and I don’t really have a judgement):  Sometimes I just pop around and read.  I know it is nice to leave a comment but I don’t.  I don’t connect with the blogger or the other comments covered what I would say or I tried and the captcha came up twice and that is it, if I can’t read the letters so sorry I am not going to try a third time.

Review/Giveaway and Book Blogs: (These bloggers I don’t tend to connect with if that is all they do, not that I don’t respect them but it is hard to trust their word or thoughts without a connection)  The other problem with These blogs, they take forever to load.  I have no idea why?  I don’t know if it is because  the blogs have so much advertisement on their blogs and it takes a lot of time for the page to load but by the time it loads I am long gone and I am not gonna wait for the comment page to open.  If I don’t comment and build a relationship with the blogger, well, I don’t really ‘buy into’ their reviews or giveaways.  Sometimes their blogs lock my computer and then I make sure not to ever go back.  There is one blogger A Nut in a Nutshell that I have no issues with and I comment all the time but she also does personal blog posts and I have made a personal connection with her but for the most part I stay away from Review/Giveaway and Book Blogs only.

Onto my weird blogging habits!

Reciprocal:  One thing I always do if a blogger comments on my blog I visit their blog.  I try to respond directly by email but I do have a life and if I can’t respond I at least visit and comment on the blogger’s blog, I mean that is what we really want, right?  We want our blog read! Oh, and another habit, I will respond to a comment directly on my blog if I want other commenters to see a response in order to make a point but I always email the commenter.

Commenting:  I hate to admit this but I rarely go back and visit a blogger after I comment on their post and I know a lot of bloggers respond directly to comments on their blog post.  I rather you email me and if you don’t have time I totally understand just visit my blog at some point but once I have read your blog post I don’t come back.  I move on to other bloggers and blog posts.  Mainly the reason is because I use a reader so once I have read your post it is gone and I don’t think about it.  It is off my radar, so to speak.

Not so weird habits!

Blogher: I highly suggest joining Blogher and crossposting.  It has done wonders for my little blog! I have met some wonderful bloggers and made some great relationships!! Now,something I notice on Blogher, many of the commenters have chats within blogposts and I feel so bad because I tend to jump around reading and once I comment I am onto the next post and I don’t get into a thread and yet I do enjoy many of the bloggers, if that makes any sense at all.  I wish Blogher had an email connection!

NaBloPoMo:  (that NaBloPoMo link will take you to April) Posting regularly is important.   I am sorry to say but if you don’t write regularly I lose interest in your blog.  AND, I can’t stand the constant apologies from bloggers about not posting.  We all have lives. It is your blog and you don’t have to explain why you don’t write; it only hurts you and your blog.  Only established bloggers can get away with long breaks and even those bloggers will tell you to be careful with not posting regularly.  If you post infrequently I eventually stop reading and lose the relationship with you and I read all my other regular bloggers first.  Consider NaBloPoMo on Blogher it is a great help.  If you can’t post everyday you should at least post 3 to 5 days a week to keep readers involved. But, most of all I stop going to blogs when they stop posting or continue to whine, “I promise to post more” and blah, blah, blah.  It is such a turn off.

My overall feelings about Blogging:  it is like everything else we do in life. Blogging will amount to what you put into it.  I read many bloggers that complain about numbers and so on and yet they don’t read other bloggers, leave comments or reply to comments.  If you work, blog and have a family then you need to figure something out.  Blogging is about relationships.  There is no way around it.  The top bloggers will  tell you they began with developing relationships.  And, now with so many more blogs it is even tougher.  I read a ton of blogs and comment.  If I comment and don’t get a response I might try a few more times but after several attempts and no response then I don’t go back. Oh, and I don’t take it personal!!   In addition, I have my favorite bloggers and I read every single one of their posts and comment.  Other bloggers I like but I just don’t have time to read and comment every single time they write therefore I do my best, so I do comment here and there.  Some bloggers I read every post but only comment here and there.  My point, you have to make your presence known and don’t get upset when you get blown off.  There are a ton of bloggers just keep searching you will find friends but you need to be a good bloggy friend too and keep your blog updated!!!

So fess up, what are your Dirty Little Blogging Secrets?


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