My DIY Front Yard Doggy Run - City Style

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For those early mornings

With five dogs in the city sometimes it's not so easy to get them all walked every day... who am I kidding? I never get them allwalked every day. So when the early morning rolls around and dogs are moving - it's time to get them outside quickly. 

Enter...the front yard doggy run

So you're either saying, "Genius! How clever!" or "Dang girl - you're lazy." I hope it's the former but either works for me. I'm telling you I'm not a morning gal but those dogs need to "empty their tanks" first thing and it's my duty to get them outside ASAP or reap the consequences.

Although we live in the city we do actually have a yard. Workman come each Monday and mow and keep everything tidy and growing. However, I managed to really tear up the yard with my early morning pack peeing on everything.  

Here's what I did....

I barricaded half the yard off closest to the sidewalk so I can still have some green grass but the other side of the yard I laid down some mulch & put up a little bit of fencing so the dogs don't go into the plants. 

The front yard with rubber mulch - repurposed tires!
My eclectic pack - aka - "Grass Killers"


I like the rubber mulch better because it lasts longer and there's no chance of splinters plus it's recycling that works for me. 

However like all mulch - you always need more then you think. I just put down a new batch for the new outdoor season. Here's thebrand I bought from Home Depot

Yes, I do still walk my dogs, I also ride my bike with them, visit doggy parks, etc. But this has been a lifesaver for me. It's a win-win all the way around.

Take care now,



Carol H. Wright

Urban Living the Wright Way


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