My Do My Kids Love The Wiggles?

The other night after dinner, an old Star Trek episode (from the original series) came on TV. My three-and-a-half-year-old was extremely intrigued by Captain Kirk and his crew, which made me quite happy, because his father and I are big Star Trek fans.

He watched for a bit and then cocked his head and asked, “Mommy?” “Yes, honey,” I replied. “Mommy, are those the Wiggles?”

I’m glad he was looking at the TV and not at me when he said this, because I’m sure a look of horror crossed my face. What?? Captain James T. Kirk, a member of the Wiggles? It was preposterous. I could see how my son could have made this horrific error – after all, if I’m honest, Captain Kirk’s uniform does look a little like a Wiggles costume; but still, I couldn’t help but be appalled.

My oldest has always liked the Wiggles. Our neighbors (and former friends!) recently gave us a Wiggles DVD that their kids used to watch. I popped the DVD into my computer the other day to let him watch a couple of chapters while I changed out of my work clothes, and Baby Brother (18 months) decided that he wanted to watch as well. Sure, why not?, I thought to myself. He hadn’t really watched any videos before, but what harm could it do? The answer: a lot.

Now, morning, noon and night, my youngest asks for “Do do,” which is his name for a Wiggles song that includes the chorus, “Do do the move they call the Wiggle groove.” He loves it. Now, he will sit with brother on the bed, both transfixed by the video and the wondrous Wiggles, and all I can do is scratch my head.

What exactly is it about the Wiggles? Both my husband and I find them so annoying. Why do the boys love them so? Is it the singing? The funny facial expressions? The dancing? Maybe the accent? I have no idea.

I was actually reflecting on this the other day when I overheard our team’s executive assistant humming something. “Sorry,” she said when she saw me smiling at her. “My teenager is in love with that new boy band One Direction, and she sings this one song of theirs over and over and over again, and now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s so annoying!”

I had to laugh. So it sounds like the “annoying” obsessions don’t end after pre-K. Come to think of it, I probably had a few annoying obsessions of my own when I was a child – a few that come to mind include Strawberry Shortcake, the Smurfs, and Eddie Rabbit. But thankfully, I grew out of it, and my parents survived. And of course, I will too. After all, the Wiggles aren’t so bad, right? But let’s hope that I don’t start humming “Do, do the move they call the Wiggles groove” at work, because that might be just too much to bear.


Do your kids have an obsession that you find annoying? If so, please share!

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