My Dog Babies

My youngest son is preparing to go away to college in August, and while I am freaking out, part of me knows I will be primarily okay because I have two dog babies to waddle away my time during my newfound free schedule. Many people shudder when you talk about your animals like children, but the fact of the matter is, THEY ARE CHILDREN! I always say my pooches are from my dog-womb. As the main care-taker in this house - NO ONE ELSE LIFTS A FINGER TO TAK CARE OF THE DOGS UNLESS PAID - I feel quite motherly toward my 15 year old pit-bull and 7 year old Shih tzu. I spoon feed them, clean their poo ... and on occasion dress the Shih tzu - gasp! This, in my opinion, is a healthy life-style to have because caring for animals keeps you engaged with th world. My tendency as my baby packs up and moves on will be to crawl in the bed, draw the curtains, and not eat for weeks! My personality is a deep, dark, tortured soul-drama-type! BUT, my dog babies would not stand for that! They have to be walked, cleaned up after, talked to and fed! No time to wallow in the empty-nest blues! What are some of the healthier things many of you have done to offset depression and huge life-changes?

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