My Dread Locks Journey Pt 1

When I first asked family how they thought I would look in dread locks the looks of horror I received were disturbing.  At first I cared, somewhat, then I thought 'wait a second' I am almost 46!  I'm a independent, free thinking, feminist woman!  Who the hell cares what other people think?

I've always wanted dread locks.  For as long as I can remember.  But I've 
had short hair for many years, so I never considered it an option.  A couple of years ago I let me hair grow longer.  And this month I found it to be a length I found comfortable having dreads in.  I spent a good month prior researching dread locks online.  Different dread forms, maintenance, styles, washing.

I settled on natural or neglect form dreads with some twist and rip to get them kick-started.  I stopped combing my hair for a few days and WOW what a difference that made!  My hair was so full and pretty!  

More importantly, I was asking myself 'why?'  Why dreads now?  
As I age I want to set a reminder for myself to let go of beauty standards.  I let go of the body standards, so why not beauty?  Beauty is within, not on the outside.  I shine from the inside!  I want to live a more natural life.  I became a vegetarian many months ago, quit smoking last year and I want my outward appearance to match how I am feeling on the inside.  
I don't want to have to brush my hair anymore!!  I don't want to have to straighten it or worry about the grey coming in!!  I want to be free of the society pressures of how I am "supposed" to look!!  I want to just "be".

I'm good with the dread process.  I know there will be days where my hair will be frizzy, crazy, mean, wild and crappy.  But that is part of the process and I accept that and am fine with it.  I have given myself over to that process. 

I am learning the true meaning of peace.