In my dreams

How about I share some poetry today? I haven't done that in a while. It's not obtuse and scary, I promise.

I have trouble sleeping, as you know, so when I do sleep AND dream, it's always a mishmash of thoughts. One night, I dreamt about my Mum, who passed on almost 5 years ago, which is INCREDIBLE to believe! I remember waking up and being so grateful I had that dream because I got to see her again. That dream was the inspiration for this poem.

I'm not sad today, I'm okay. I just wanted to share this, that's all!

Happy Monday!



In my dreams

You visit me in my dreams.

Only for a little while,

I see you again.

I missed your face, Mummy.

Time has gone by.

Time, it marches on.

Even though the hole

In my toughened heart

Is as big as the Bermuda Triangle,

My feelings confused and lost.

I drift along.

In my dreams,

You are happy.

I am happy to see you.

You look well.

I hear your laughter.

You see my sadness.

I missed your face, Mummy.

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