My Elusive Quest For Mom Friends: Are One or Two Friends Okay?

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Maybe I’m not as open to new friendships as I think I am. Perhaps I seem too busy, aloof, overly-sensitive, disinterested, distant, lack common interests or some other reason new friends aren’t asking me to get together. Could it be that I don’t understand the L.A. etiquette involved with making friends even though I grew up here and I’m in my 40s? Yes, that’s entirely possible. You see, during the time most teen girls figure out the friendship thing and how it all works (and doesn’t work), I was too busy to have friends. My teenage years were spent helping take care of my ailing mom, who eventually died when I was nineteen. I couldn’t have managed to make friends if my life depended on it because someone else’s life depended on me. I never regret those lost years. I’m only now able to accept that the unusual situation in which I found myself may be one of the reasons why I’m writing this piece.

In the meantime, I’m focused on being a really good friend to those mom friends I consider my closest friends. After all, they mean the world to me. And, if a new friend comes along, that’s all the better.

Still, if I want to be part of a book club, I can’t wait for an invitation. I’ll just have to start my own!


Christina Simon is the co-author of Beyond The Brochure: An Insider's Guide To Private Elementary Schools In Los Angeles. She also blogs at Beyond The Brochure.Her work has been Syndicated on BlogHer. 


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