I don't often get really worked up but I have been divorced for 15 years (remarried for 13 to someone else).My former husband and I have two children. He is also remarried to a widower who had 4 kids youngest 14, rest all out of high school.My ex has fought me on support from day one, he didn't want divorced. I got pregnant at 17 he was 24, my son was born 2 weeks before my senior year. I graduated and got married all the same year. At 22 I had my daughter, my husband then 28. We were on different pages he still didn't really get responsibility lots of drinking and smoking both of which I can't stand, bills not being paid etc. I had to do the best for my kids,after 5 years of marriage got a divorce. When we went to court he had just got "fired" from a good job so child support was based on minimum wage for both of us. Amounted to $75.00/child, he had to be garnished and payments through the state 6 months after our divorce. ok there was the back ground and many court dates later. I am now unable to work because of my wrist surgery, my left hand has been fused at the wrist due to a horse accident 6 yrs. ago I am left handed. Child support Enforcement Division figured out support amounts again based on wages, mine imputed I need to support our daughter (which is fine). It was figured now at $328/ month for her. Currently I receive $157/month. He claims he shouldn't have to pay that amount due to his new wife being a widower and he has to take care of her kids even though only one is under 18 and three live at home with two grand children. I know mine is she has Social Security for the under 18, and letting the rest live there is his choice not my daughters problem.


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