My experience of quitting swearing

For those of you trying to raise your vibration, you may notice you need to clean up a few of your personal habits for that level to keep rising. I decided I wanted to stop swearing so much. I went to a very small primary school, where nobody dared use the F-word – it just wasn’t done. When I got to high school, it was apparently really cool to use it constantly in everyday speech. I distinctly remember the transition of letting it slowly work its way in to my vocabulary once I started in third form. I remember the first few times I said it in general conversation I was thinking to myself “wow, I sound really cool – high school rocks”.

Anyway fast forward a few years and without ever thinking about it, that kind of language was still hanging around. I didn’t really want it to (though I never actually put any real thought into it) I would have much preferred to be ladylike and not speak so ‘harshly’! I made a conscious decision to try to stop swearing which did reduce the frequency of which I swore, though it didn’t kill it completely. I never actually made it a ‘no’ as such, which I have now. Of course I still swear now and again, but if I do it is for a ‘justified’ (!) reason such as a very epic stubbing of my toe.

I realised when trying to quit swearing that some thought really has to be put in about:
a) What you personally believe is and isn’t a swearword (i.e. is asshole? Damn? Hell? Crap? Gees?). I also never knew that saying “oh God” was considered blasphemy – I thought just using JC or J on its own was! Call me thick, but how are you actually supposed to know what is and isn't offically a swear word? (FYI if you google, there are actually sites that teach you lots of bad language!) maybe school should teach a lesson about bad language - that way there are no grey areas!
b) What are you going to replace your language with!? I struggled with this as I just couldn’t see myself saying “OH CRUMBS” when I got annoyed with something! Any potential new words I came up with made me sound seriously nana-ish.

Now I swear a bit less, but I think I use damn a lot which is a swear word according to a google search. I still use buggar – that is a real New Zealand thing – so common almost not a swear word… except it is, so I suppose I should stop that too!

Everyone has such a different level of tolerance about what is and isn’t a bad word. You may think you have a very clean mouth but then offend someone by saying “we ate a crap load of food”.

In my crusade to tidy up my imperfect vocabulary I’ve noticed that it can depend who you are with as to how much you swear. With certain groups such as older relatives I seem to naturally speak well. When with friends that are terrible swearers (who have no intention of quitting) I notice I sometimes throw the swear words around like that 13 year old starting high school. Yuck! Also alcohol can increase ones swearing. Knowing that though means you can ‘manage that’.

Tidying up your language is just about forming new habits and a ‘new norm’. Takes a bit of effort to replace the words and actually notice the circumstances in which you swear. But over time it can be done! What are your thoughts on and experiences with bad language? Got any tips to share?


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