My Facebook Diary pg.8

While I'm waiting for friends to find me on Facebook, I've been entertaining my new friends with more of my 25 Random Things About Me you don't know because I left our hometown so long ago...

21. Our hometown sounds like a pretty nice place to live now, especially with Everett Posey in charge of the local Community Theatre!

22. I've already planned my funeral. You're all invited. And no, I'm not sick. Just like to plan things.

23. I like to bluff and use fake words in Scrabble because somehow my friends think I'm really smart. Me. Dropped out of high school in the 10th grade.

24. My proudest moments: Seeing each of my kids graduate from our local high school.

25. My dream job would be to be a Junkyard Sculptor; you know, one of those people who welds together odd pieces of scrap metal and sells them for thousands of dollars. Me. With a blow torch.


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