My favorite clean eats in Miami!

I LOVE that Blog Her Food is literally down the street from my apartment. The last blog conference I went to I ate chocolate the whole weekend, I am so not kidding!

Miami has SO much to offer besides the beach, although you don't want to miss that, because its stunning right now. And if you do want to keep your food clean you really can. There is a ton of places to choose from.
Organic and/or locally sourced:

1) Jugo Fresh - now has THREE locations not far from the conference. THE premier organic juice bar with to-go items. All of the juices are pressed on site, and the smoothies are frigging fantastic. Run don't walk.

2) Metro Organic Bistro - The one fully organic bistro with a car wash! Yes, its true. The food is organic, and it's fantastic! It's a taxi ride away, but worth the trip

3) Michaels Genuine - Mostly organic or locally sourced - Michael is one of the star chefs in Miami. If you haven't tried one of his restaurants, you cannot leave town without doing so.

4) The Standard Hotel / Lido Deck - Locally sourced, mostly organic - The best part is you will eat right by the water and its DOWN the street from the conference!

5) NiDo - Locally sourced, seasonal and gluten free options. The BEST Italian in Miami. Its a bit of a schlep up Biscayne Ave but worth it if you LOVE Italian food and especially if you are gluten free because they have pasta for YOU!

6) Verde- Steven Starrs new place at the Perez. It's locally sourced and has some organic options (especially the wines and drinks) Good for lunch or a drink.

7) Panther Coffee - On Winwood or Purdy avenue - the best coffee in Miami. It's about as clean and pure as you will get in this town.

Those are a few clean options - I am happy to help if you want any more "clean" options -

See you next week!
Lora xx 

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