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When I first decided to homeschool my first panic attack came when I was talking with a woman and she was throwing numbers like 1000 dollars a kid for supplies…um WUT?

That was just for learning materials, she was spending another 100-300 per kid on supplies.

My mind was spinning.

Thankfully, with the help of friends AND Pinterest I stumbled on a plethora of free and almost free learning materials.

Tonight before my weekly homeschool posts start up I am going to share a quick list of my favorite homeschool websites.

Total Cost – 48.00 a year

Kids it covers – Baby through Highschool

What I get – worksheets, workbooks, activities, articles

What subjects it covers – ALL OF THEM

I am loving this site, between the easy to print materials – the amazing projects and their new add on – Brainzy I cant get enough and spend most of my time here.

Total Cost – 79.00 a year (you can also pay by month)

Kids it covers – Kindergarten through geometry

What I get – anything and everything you can think of when it comes to math

This site is great because its makes math not only fun but easy to understand.

Total Cost – You have two options – you can print the worksheets yourself for free OR you can pay 28 bucks and have all the worksheets sent you free shipping.

Kid it covers – Mostly Deacon but it can also help with Davids chicken scratch handwriting

What I get – Worksheets for each week

What subjects it covers – early learning subjects

This is one of my big time favorites! Right now I chose the print it out myself for free option. I may end up switching that in a few years for Dodger.

Total Cost – Free

Kid it covers – k-5

What I get – Tons of games and apps for my kids to play with and keep learning fun

What it covers – Just about every subject and helps introduce children into easy computer skill sharpening.

This will be a great break in their school day. Each kid can take a turn once a day and have fun while learning.


Pinterest – Free – Who doesnt love Pinterest?

You can follow along with my pinterest where you will find my “Get Schooled” boards. I have lessons, room inspirations, materials and soon here my weekly plans.

My local library – FREE

We will be taking weekly trips to ours to get books that work with their weekly plans.


Where are you getting your favorite homeschooling materials from?


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