My Favorite Part of Writing

If you would have told me as a teenager that I would be an author someday, I would have laughed in your face at that suggestion. English was never a class I looked forward to going to. It didn't relate to me as I saw it as uninteresting, cumbersome, research intensive, and for brainiacs. Books for that matter didn't hold my attention until my mid twenties. My only required writing class in college was Technical Writing as I was a marketing/business major. That class, because it was purely logical writing, was like a foreign language I could not even hear with my intensely right brained abilities.

I did end up appreciating English as a professional speaker. It was evident from a young age that I had the ability to verbally express myself and dynamically connect with an audience. My ability to speak was more from the gut than planned and rehearsed. However, when anyone asked if I ever considered writing a book, I just thought it was such a critically different skill and ability than speaking that I never gave it much thought.

So what happened now that at almost 44 years of age I find myself absolutely in love with writing and reading? The obvious answer is genre. I found a genre of creative non-fiction that fits me like my favorite combination of sparkly, distressed, with a touch of rebel outfit. It just feels like the real me perfectly. It brings me joy, challenges me and gives the satisfaction of personal development that I have always craved in life.

Physically writing fits me as I love to use my environment to create inspiration from my million dollar office (my front yard) to waterparks, fireplaces, vacations, or State Street in Madison, WI. Mentally it fits me as it's challenging and stimulating with my combination of a Masters' Degree in Education and my even more important "street smarts." It gives me a rush when I can discover something or figure something out from reading/writing/investigation/conversation. Spiritually it is using your creativity to make art which makes a difference in the world. What if no one was willing to share and write?

My intent to write is from an educator at heart. I want to give my family and audience something that can help inspire them to live their ideal life. I know I have a unique voice that has the ability to do that.

However, the question today was “What is your favorite part about writing?” Self expression and the ability to have a lifestyle that supports my work instead work that supports my life style is my favorite part about writing. I have the ability to fully connect with who I absolutely am with the world and do it in the most enjoyable way around my family lifestyle. We take writing vacations such as a trip to Disney to research my book Pretendia and The Homestead when I started writing Living a Passionate Life! My blogs and books are written around my kids sport schedules in field, gyms and recreation centers all over the place. I start every day at 5 AM in the quiet of our home with a cup of coffee and our two dogs, Cupcake and Champ. I am one happy woman living in the United States of American grateful for my freedoms and blessings.

When I was a kid my absolute favorite thing was a brand new box of 64 Crayola crayons which its' gorgeous array of color and options to express whatever you wanted to color the page to reflect your spirit. Writing has become my tool to express myself the same way I did as a kid. It’s like waking up to a brand new box of Crayola crayons each morning with a fresh start.


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