My Favorite Travel Apps


Nope, you’re not getting any cool swag like Oprah gives away when she shares her favorite things, but for your traveling entertainment today I’m sharing some of my favorite travel apps. Mobile, Social, they really go hand in hand, and my mobile phone saved my tail multiple times on my last adventure, so I thought I’d share in hopes these might bail you out sometime soon too.

Yelp: I know I go on and on about foursquare often on this blog, but the review site Yelp has really added some nice features into its interface that are extremely useful. On this app you can check-in for deals (which there are many), and you can use the monocle you can literally hold up your phone and it will show you where sites are and a quick name and star-rating. I feel like this is too good to be true- but its not!


Image courtesy of cmgomes on Flickr


Metro maps: While the app I used in DC called DC Metro Transit had the disclaimer that it was not maintained by the DC Metro System, we still found it to be accurate and very helpful.

Groupon: I get Groupon alerts for my hometown, but now have them set-up for places I’m traveling to over the summer. A fun way to find off-the-wall things to do on vacation.

Priceline: I have used this multiple times to book a hotel room for the same night just minutes before their booking deadline. Added bonus- you still get William Shatner doing karate on the opening screen.

Maps: This comes on your phone by default and seems like a no-brainer, but since I was walking everywhere I found that it very accurately picked up where I was and gave me the ability to take shortcuts easily (Hey, they can’t all be glamorous.

Many more to come I’m sure, but this should be enough to get you started.

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