My February Stitch Fix of LOVE

Item #4: Jonni Lace Hem Detail Dress, $34
When I peeked online at this dress before receiving it, I thought it looked a bit like a hippie and a cowgirl made a baby. At a price of $34, I was willing to keep an open mind to see how it fit in person.

Lace hem dress

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that it DIDN’T fit in person. I tried it on like a good Fixer and got stuck.

Like really, REALLY stuck. The dress was weirdly tight on my upper arms (apparently my biceps are amazing) and looked like a maternity dress once I had it on. I considered taking a picture of me wearing it but then thought about the fact that the horrible picture will be on the internet forever and passed. When I went to remove the dress, I got it halfway over my head and was stuck. You know that feeling when you get stuck in a piece of clothing – you get kind of sweaty and freaked out? Well, I was there. And I was totally stuck. I tried to breathe normally and not freak out but I truly thought I was going to have to either cut the damn thing off me or wait until my husband got home to help rescue me. The thought of the look on my husband’s face (and the teasing that would go on for the rest of my life) forced me to try one last time and thankfully I was able to break free. Verdict: NO

Item #5: Rylin Pintuck Detailed Silk Blouse, $78
Typically when I see the words “silk blouse” I don’t think casual. I mean, my non-work days include a 2 year old and a dog… so silk isn’t exactly the best choice in fabrics for my REAL life.

pintuck silk blouse

Do I seem a bit pink and disheveled in this picture? I tried this top in right after I finally broke free of the torture dress. I LOVE this top. Now, silk isn’t something that I would wear for a CASUAL day, but it will go great in my work wardrobe. The silk is so soft and the top is nice and blousy so I can do the half-tuck that I’m addicted too. I’m also in love with the neckline and gorgeous pintuck detailing.

pintuck silk blouse - close up

THIS shirt is the reason that I use Stitch Fix. However, it’s 8 degrees outside and February so this might have been a better pick to send me in the spring. Just saying. Verdict: LOVE IT and I’m definitely buying it.

Here is the fun part… what do YOU think I should buy? I’m absolutely getting the silk blouse, but I’m on the fence for the other two tops. I have a couple days to make my decision so please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

For my next fix, I’m going to request Meagan again. I feel like she got closest to my personal style and I’m curious how it will be working with the same stylist twice in a row. I’m planning to request a blazer for work, an interesting cardigan and try again to ask for some casual tops.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. I do have a special referral link though and if you decide to click through and sign up I will receive a small referral reward. Here’s my link. So thank you for anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.

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