My first and hopefully not last BLOG!!

Wow!!! I have finally done it!!! I have joined the world of Bloggers!!! Okay, I know lots of people have been blogging for years, but I am just now joining.

Please bear with me as I try and tell you what I want to blog about. I want to make people laugh :) (you are probably thinking what is there to laugh about so far?) Stick with me and I will take you through my life and you will see that there are many reasons to laugh every day and you may even find some things in your own life to laugh about)

Now as you can see by my title, I am a Grandma at age 66. The things I have learned will be shared by many of you my age. Please don't think that if you are younger you won't need to know these things as you will one day be my age :))))

Today is kind of a lazy day at our son's house in North Pole, Alaska. Some of you may not realize that my dh (dear husband) and I are here for the summer and trying to help our Son and dil (daughter-in-love) remodel their house and get it ready to sell. Darin is taking a new job in St. Cloud, MN and so they need to sell their behmoth of a house to someone soon. (well not too soon, as we are staying until Sept and we are only half way through the remodel)

Today my dh is working on the master bedroom bathroom. I think I could have just said master bath, but stick with me. He started that job a week ago Monday. At the time of demolition he assured our dil that he would be finished shortly. I think he actually meant that he would be finished sometime in the future!!!  In all fairness to dh and only son, they have had a few glitches in contstruction. The new shower they picked out was wonderful. The bottom fit very well and the plumbing was a little bit more of a challenge. I  sat on the couch watching the top be carried up two flights of stairs and go back down two flights of stairs (with much groaning, I might add). That was hard enough to watch, but then I was dumb enough to ask, "how come you brought it back down again?" That was not needed at that point! My dh answered me through gritted teeth "it didn't fit through the door!" You know there is a lot to be said about thinking before you talk, but I just haven't developed that too well. I said "wow what will you do now"? He again gritted his teeth and said "we have it under control" At this point you would think I would let it go...NOT!!! I said " Oh no!!! What will you do now??" My husband rolled his eyes and said "we will take the window out this weekend". Long story, short, they got it done and we went shopping, because some jobs just don't need a woman around. They texted us when the window was back in and all was well!!!

So today he is doing some other thing in the master bath to get it ready to paint. He is a good man.y

I am going to a twin's room to help clean up a mess which is kind of out of control. He is a kind, sweet, handsome boy, but just inherited too many of his father's procrastinating ways!! We are going to try and pull some sense into his space today and maybe find a little spare change in the process!!!


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