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Last Saturday I did my first book signing for Journal of a Starseed in Jim Thorpe, PA at the Emporium of Curious Goods. The Emporium has been open for decades and decades and had all types of cool and interesting stuff in it. If you're ever in Jim Thorpe, definitely wander in there. It's awesome.
I loved watching how people walked by, mumbling the word "Starseed" quietly to themselves, mulling it over, rolling it around in their mouths like a new type of candy that they weren't sure what they thought of yet. I suppose, in a way, this was exactly what was happening! Some would stop and ask me what the book was about. A few people came out just to see me and get a book, which was fabulous. I just love the fact that folks (mostly women) are feeling empowered to "come out of the spiritual closet" themselves after reading the book, or even just moving closer to that step by being brave enough to come up to me and tell me their own experiences, talking in that hushed, rushed voice that tells me that this isn't something that they often discuss with anyone. I know that voice because I used it myself for so many years.
 On the other hand, some people would just look at me sitting at my little table like I was kind of weird.
That was alright with me, however. I've said, over and over again, that mine is certainly not a book for everyone - it is just a book for those who feel called to read it. As a result of that outlook, I had fabulous conversations and met wonderful people that made me excited to do more events. Good thing that I'm lining up a new one almost every day. Who knew? For years I was terrified to even say what was going on, and now I'm finding that lots of people want to hear about it. And not even one brick through my window. Amazing.

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