My First Cross Post: Room Mom, Election Day and a Bake Sale

Since, Goofy started school, I have been pretty active in his class room. Actually, both the Husband and I have been active in our kid's school life. The Husband volunteers with classroom activities and field trips and I bake and attend class parties.

Goofy's school, last year, had a lot of parent involved activities but now that we are in a new school (because we moved ten houses away from the district's imaginary cut off line) there is not as much planned for his class as there was in the previous school. It could be that it is he is now in first grade and they don't need as much help as they did as kindergartners, it could be he is in a much smaller class or it could be the demographic for his school is different. I honestly can't tell, yet.

At the previous school, standing in front of the school, waiting for the kids to come out was a mini social hour.  Add a bar or barista and it would have been the perfect mid-day hot spot.  There moms and some dads where dressed nicely and chatted freely.  I am not social by nature, but I even greeted strangers other parents with a smile and started up a conversation (okay, maybe I am a little social - or nervous talker, whatever).  I even made some mom friends - who I never see anymore since we switched schools.

The new school, no one really looks you in the eye unless they have to and I would not call it social time.  In fact, there are not many parents who stand in front of the school and wait for the kids to come out but instead go around back and get in the driving lane.  It seems, they drop their kids off this way, too.

Apparently, it may be that way in the participation department of his classroom, too. 

I am not entirely sure of this as the Husband has actually been to the classroom a few times this year and I have not.  His schedule rotates so he is off on weekdays where I work a straight 9 to 5 gig.  In other words, I have to schedule days off to volunteer which is why I take all the class parties (there where four last year) and bake when ever needed. 

When the sign up sheet went around asking for volunteers for class activities, bake sales and what not, I filled out both sheets that came home - one for me and one for the Husband.  He is signed up for classroom help and field trips.  I am signed up for parties and baking.  Neither of us signed up to be a room parent. 

And then, I got the call.

Read the rest here and if you are interested I have a contest!  Win one of three bottles of Torani Flavored Syrup!


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