My First Food Allergy Awareness Week

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Sometimes life is cruel. I am already the most neurotic mother I know. I’m the mom that freaks out about hand washing and helmets. All I need is one more thing to lay in bed nights worrying about. I have to carry an auto injector of ephedrine with me wherever we go. I have to insist that no one brings snacks to my house when I host play dates. When I go to the Jumpy Gym, library story time or children’s museum I have to be extra careful about making sure Baxter does not put anything in his mouth. But, this is not about me. This is about my little man. Baxter has a 50% chance of outgrowing his allergy, but there is also the chance that it will get worse. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, saying my prayers and in the meantime buying stock in Sunbutter. I'm also not letting this turn Baxter into a shut in. I plan on having him live his awesome little peanut-less life to the fullest. I'm just extra careful. Maybe it is a blessing for Baxter that his mother is already so paranoid.

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