my first love-books

Today we are looking at flea markets and books. I love books. Always have and probably will until I cant read or see or whatever anymore. One of the fun aspects of reading a book is scoring the sale. Yeah, sure, new books are great because they are new and don’t smell and no one else has ‘fingered’ the book. And I guess the Kindle and other e-readers are nice for those who like that sort of thing.  I’m also a fan of audio books, especially in the car in traffic or on a long trip. But lately, I’d say, within the past year, I am especially excited about buying used books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to going to the library either, its just that I have a problem remember to do stuff (like return books), so that avenue doesn’t always work well for me.

What is the appeal of a used book? Well, for one, it’s cheap. I’m mean, like disgustingly dirt cheap. Like “are you for real?” dirt cheap. Used books sell for less than $5 and mostly more like a buck or two for hard backs.  I am a fool when it comes to shopping for used books.  Yeah, ok, they may be a little musty from being in someone’s basement or in the thrift store, but so what? If it bothers you that much, don’t buy it. But look at it this way: you haven’t spent $15 bucks on a book that you’re gonna spill coffee on.  And besides, when you’re done with the book you can loan it to a friend and don’t hafta worry about getting it back cuz it cost you a buck.  Now a $15 book I sure would want back. But a buck book? Nah.

Another, similarly related appeal of the used book is the quantity with which you can purchase.  My kids and I are readers, so when we buy books, we generally want to buy more than one.  At a new bookstore that could be $60. You know what I could do with $60? Right, buy more vodka. Or groceries.  Since we are readers, not only do we want to buy more than one book each, we NEED to buy more than one book each. Especially in the summer. Cuz when we get on a reading jag, my kids and I can each go through one book every other day or more! That’s like 3-5 books a week, especially if the books are thin (and some children’s books are thin)! 

Because of our reading habits, I have become near obsessed with scoring a used book sale.  To be sure, I buy other things too, but my primary goal is the book.  I have completed my harry potter collection through used books. I’ve found best selling authors like Jodi Piccoult, Sophie Kinsella, and practically everything from Oprah’s book club can be found used. People read it, then they donate it.  Today was an especially good book buying day.

Today I spent some much needed time trolling through a huge church sponsored tent sale. I took my own bag just in case. First I went downstairs to the bargain basement and grabbed a beautiful cookbook called “The Splendid Grain” by Rebecca Wood.  That and 3 other books cost me $2.  And since I’m going veg I’m expanding my eating vocabulary so I need to learn about grains. Good deal!  Then I went upstairs to the outside tent extravaganza. I found nibbling here and there of books I already have. But near the end of my search I hit the motherlode!  A woman had a bunch of books grouped together with a rubberband and I saw the word “raw” in many of them. When I asked her about them she said they are about the raw food movement.  I was happy cuz that’s just what I was looking for (I already own “The Raw Food Diet” by Natalia Rose).  I told her my story of being one week meat and dairy free.  She, in turn was so excited to find someone else like minded that she offered to give the books to me for free. FREE! Natch, I couldn’t take them all for free so we settled on $2. TWO BUCKS! Here’s what I got:

  • “Living in the Raw” by Rose Lee Calabro
  • “The Cure is in the Cause” by Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich
  • “The Raw Secrets – The Raw Vegan Diet in the Real World” by Frederic Patenaude
  • “12 Steps to Raw Foods – How to end your addiction to cooked food” by Victoria Boutenko (love that title: how to end your addiction!)
  • “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko
  • “The Sunfood Diet Success  System” by David Wolfe (this one may be a little more spiritual than I’m ready for right now, but you never know)

Yeppers, all of those for two bucks. The lady and her fellow vendor also asked my name and offered to pray for me. Hey, I’ll take it.  I was so happy when I returned home I was soaring. I cannot wait to get started on the books.  For dinner I’m going to celebrate by finishing my pasta primavera from last night’s dinner outing.

Hey guess what? I just looked up Rebecca Wood on the Googles and it turns out I’m following her on Twitter! WOW!!! I’m so excited!!! I’ve also had too much caffeine!!

happy reading.


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