My first Post

I'm new here, and I'm still getting acquainted with this network.  I have two blogs - my craft blog: and my organic food blog: I've enjoyed reading many of the blog post and group discussions, and I'm excited about being a part of this.


I've read somewhere on this network that it is OK to cross post and I've seen others doing it.  Most of the time this is what I will be doing.  


I have been a crafter most of my life.  I've taken what once was a hobby for me and turned it into a business.  This is what my craft blog and my website are all about.


My family and I are making some making some major changes in the way we eat and hopefully the way we live.  I have created another blog to chronicle our journey into healthy, natural eating.  Exploring Organic Land includes posts about our experiences, successes and failures.  I have also created pages for recipes and resources that we use on our new adventure.  Please read the disclaimer in the about section of the blog before reading any of the content.


Blessings, Martha


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