My first post here, and a suggestion.


Above is a picture of my beautiful cat “His Royal Highness.”  He is a little famous on my other blog.  Since it is my first post here I thought that I would introduce him to you.

He was just a teeny skinny little kitten when we got him.  What happened was that my two eldest daughters went to do voluntary community service at an animal rescue shelter.  They came home with the news of this little kitten.  So, eventually we all had to go and see this little kitten.  I must tell you, it was love at first sight.  We took him home and he has filled out hearts with so much love and adoration since.

The thing is that I often hear of elderly people saying that they cannot possible rescue and animal at their age because they don’t want to leave the pet uncared for when they are gone.  For me, I often look at these rescue cats and dogs, some of them are old, and all they are asking for is love.  So perhaps an elderly person could adopt a pet which is roughly the same age as themselves.   It is usually the older rescues who don’t get homes because of their age.

I know of an old lady who rescued an elderly female cat.  This cat has brought this lady so much joy.  She chats with her cat all day, and tells everyone that her cat is her best friend.

There are often ways to save animals…we just need to try and figure those ways out J


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