My First Time Placing In An Overall Category

For those of you who have been holding your breath in anticipation of my latest race reports, I apologize for my delay. Life has truly just kicked it into high gear, and I've had to let things sort of slip. But you can take a breath now, here is what happened. :)

Capital 10 Miler - I could sum this up with "huge downpours, cold temps, harsh wind, flooded paths, sleet pelting face stinging" 10 Miles of insanity. And one of the hardest medals that I have fought for to receive.

I went into this race knowing that my goal pace of a 9 minute mile probably wasn't going to happen. In fact, I ran the race naked. Yep. I didn't even turn on the garmin. I stopped at the port-a-potty once. My shoe came untied twice. I hopped over puddles - then gave up and ran through them. I was soaked. I was cold. And when I hit the bridges going over the river, and the sleet started pelting my face, I just wanted to be done. As in D O N E .... done. So I picked up the pace on the bridges.

When I turned the corner and saw the clock, I truly didn't have a clue what my time was going to be. I had just told myself that I would like to come in under 1:40 even with all of the weather conditions. I came in at 1:39:58. :) No where near my original 'goal' pace, but with all things considering, I was pleased with the results. And more so, I was pleased that I showed up in the pouring cold rain and did this race.

And I learned something by running naked. I really pushed myself on the last half of the race. With not knowing what my time was I didn't get caught up in 'well, I've already missed my goal, what does it matter now'. Instead, I really didn't know where I stood, and I pushed myself harder. And too, with this one, I really just wanted it to be over!

And this this last Saturday, I ran a 5K in my local town. I ran the DMP Dash 5K. My 'training' plan was to shoot for an 8:40 pace. I will admit that my calf was still a little angry from the 10 miler the previous weekend. I was able to get in a little bit of a warm up before the race which I'm truly thankful for. And I really didn't know how I would do.

I surprised even myself! My last PR for a 5K was 26:18 and that was pre-pregnancy with Lil Man. I finished Overall 3rd Female with a time of 24:53. It was a small race, but I was more than thrilled to PR. My lifetime goal has always been to run a 5K with 25:XX and I just beat 25. I'm still super super happy. My mile splits were 8:05, 7:53, and 8:33.

And now the training plan continues for the Double Creek Half in June. Calves are a little angry. Knees aren't 100% happy, but so far so good. I'm working with a great trainer, and I'm listening to my body. If things hurt, I relay that info on to her and she adjusts as needed.


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