My first time was not that great!

                The first time I took my handmade dolls and leather home decor/ fashion designs from comfortable and safe studio out into the world, I was both excited and fearful.

                 I had agreed to offer my creations at a local arts and craft show. 

                    Upon arrival, I was assigned a dark place in a corner of the room and given                                    a small scatched up table!   The promoters of this event could not be found or                                     any attendees. I   soon realized that the event was  about taking advantage of                                     innocent and  inexperienced vendors.

                     I had been tricked and  felt used!  

                    The promoters were the ones enjoying   my "First Time"  and getting paid!  

                This disappointing "First Time" , taught me valuable lessons that I would like                                     to pass on to fellow craft freaks who are considering  their "First  Time".

               Please consider the advice below to enhance your "First Time".

                 1. First and foremost, try to get info about the organization that is sponsoring                                      the event, don't just choose any event, be selective.                     

                2. Be prepared for your "First Time".

                           a. Carry signs and a notepad to write down email addresses of buyers .

                           b. Don't feel ashamed about carrying hundreds of business cards.

                           c. Make sure protection is available and carry an umbella for outdoor events

                 3. Look professional and yet attractive,

                      BUT PLEASE NO CLEAVAGE!  you're there to sell crafts and nothing else!

                 4. Greet visitors to your booth, but don't talk too much with bored husbands who                                 are just there to please their wives.

                 5. Be patient, sometimes your "first time" can start off slow, but get better as the                                    evening pogresses.

         CRAFT FREAKS..........

                         Whenever you decide to start promoting and selling your crafts.

                         Don't be afraid, ashamed or embarrased.

                           Do things right, and your "First Time " will be exciting and profitable.


                      After a wonderful "First Time,"  you will probably want to do it again!!!







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