My firsthand experience of family connection through the veil when my mum got sick

It's been a long time since I blogged on Blogher.

Started on here when I was very new to blogging and learning the ropes.  Still learning the ropes three years later - aren't we all...and building an online business as I hoped!

My mum's passing was the main reason for starting a blog - we all have our reasons.

My mum had a minor illness which was made worse by having an (unnecessary) H1N1 vaccination in 2010.

She told me to write what I know about alternative health and wellness and share it - and it's working.  One of my most popular posts after three years of writing is about how to unblock your sinuses using reflexology.  Several people a day read the post and watch the video.  There must be an awful lot of blocked sinuses out there!

Here's a story I've finally felt able to tell about one of my bedside experiences when my mum was sick.  It goes into the mystical and magical, as it should.

How I connected with a family member who had passed on through my mother's illness Read More>>

Enjoy the journey!

More later....

Sarah Lawrence Hinson

A Mom On A Spiritual Journey!



Twitter: @SarahsEnergy


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