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It was February 2006 when I announced "I'm starting a blog for my company." Why would you do that? Everyone thought it was a bad idea. Not enough time, too revealing, why bother, and I don't think you should, were the comments being made by those around me. But I did start my blog, stuck to it and here two and a half years later? The positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to my Fun and Flirty Wedding and Lifestyle Blog.

So to the nattering nay bobs who to this day think blogging is "no big deal" or "not worth the time" I'd say: 

Time: The more frequently you blog the better you become at it and the faster you are able to produce your posts. On average I spend 5-30 minutes creating one post.

Traffic: The traffic aspect is great. At this point over 300 blog readers a month then click over the The Flirty Guide Website to take a peek.

New Friends: Thanks to being a blogger I now have friends all around the world and if and when I ever travel would love to meet some of them!

News Source: For family and friends a blog is an easy news source to see what you've been up to.

The Future: Blogging is here to stay. It's not going away, and the longer you wait to start yours? The harder it will be to catch up with your competition who put their blog(s) up years before a blog was even a twinkle in your eye. (Yes, my blog makes my eyes twinkle)

Recently my humble little blog received it's first truly exciting moment. After being interviewed by Ralph Mucci on The Wedding Planning Audiocast's new feature "Meet the Wedding Bloggers" turns out even more people have now found my blog. It's very rewarding to know anybody at all is reading your blog but when it hits the big time so to speak? It's a really great feeling :D

If you're curious you can hear the podcast interview here:

Or go to the same page to grab it off of iTunes :D 

Or visit my blog here at 



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