My Friend Thinks My Baby is a Bore

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Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have a 6-month-old daughter, but one of my friends doesn't have any kids. Every time I start to talk about my daughter and the whole experience of being a mother, I can just tell that she couldn't care less. This hurts me, because she is one of my oldest friends and I would expect her to support me with this huge, huge part of my life. Can this friendship be saved?


I'm a Mother, Not a Pariah

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Dear I'm a Mother,

I distinctly remember my friends who had kids before me.  They would talk at length about their cute little babies ... the tiny toes, their chunky thighs and the adorable way they were starting to roll over. And as they droned on and on, I thought about three things:

1. I hope my roommate didn't screw up the VCR again because I really want to watch "ER" tonight.

2. My dog rolls over and I've never bored anyone to death about it.

3. What is so impressive about rolling over anyway? I had two blind dates last night back to back. Now that takes some real coordination.

And what I said out loud was, "Your baby sounds great! Anyway, can you grab drinks tonight?"

It's not that your friend doesn't care about you or what's going on in your life, it's just that you two are in different places right now. She just can't relate. Some day your friend will become a mom or an aunt and suddenly, she will understand the mesmerizing beauty of a baby's face. Or you know, maybe she'll always think of babies as buzz killing Cabbage Patch Dolls that cry too much. It's hard to know.

But either way, it doesn't have to end your friendship. I'm sure you have mom friends that you get together with to coo over your offspring and discuss your children's pacifier addictions. But sometimes, you just need some cocktails and adult conversation (like to discuss why some women bleach their anuses. Really, why?!). So call up your friend and enjoy a proper girls night out. I bet you'll have a blast.

Have fun,

Kelcey, TMH

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