My Friends, Their Husbands

When I am boyfriendless, I tend to rely on other people’s husbands to do the things that my own husband would do, if he existed.  (Well, no, not everything. This is all very G-rated.)

If I could’ve figured out a sane way to have a (faithful) husband on a part-time basis, I possibly would have married at some point in my life. Possibly.  But I now realize that I have figured out the part-time-husband thing.  He’s just not my husband. More correctly, they’re not my husband.

I’m fortunate to have a number of good girlfriends who are married to great guys who willingly pitch in when I don’t have a beau to do whatever it is that needs doing.  Entertain, fix things that need fixing, share a meal and/or cocktail . . . sometimes just hang. (I say they “willingly” help out; I’m just hoping that’s true.)  Continue reading...





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