My Future Step-Son Freaks Me Out


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My fiance's son has some issues that drive me crazy and I think there may be something wrong with him. He is 8-years-old, constantly picks his nose until it bleeds and talks to himself. NO, like, really talks to himself. Yes he's an only child, but here's an example: After he was talking to himself, my cat walked into his room and he started yelling at it and threatened to shoot it. I stood him in the corner and then he started talking to himself saying, "I told you not to say that, and you're getting me in trouble."

This type of conversation is CONSTANT. PLEASE HELP!

Signed, Worried Wife-to-Be


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Dear Worried Wife-to-Be,

I'd like to start with the nostril picking issue, since it's something I always feel the need to defend in children. At its most basic level, this is simply a bad habit, and one you want to break because it can lead to illness and the like. But I often hear parents being all EW, GROSS and we have to be careful with that. You don't want the child thinking that you think HE or SHE is gross. With an 8 year-old, you can approach it using reason. Teach him about healthy habits like hand-washing and tissue ghosts. Try behavioral replacement techniques if it seems to be something he's doing out of boredom. But for all that is slimy, green, and gooey, please be kind. (And, no, I'm totally not projecting. I always use a tissue! Even when I have allergies! And yes, a cold! I mean, on occasion, if it's really in there, then sometimes I have to...OH NEVER MIND.)

Now. About the other issue you mention. I...blargh...I have very little and yet so much to say. Mostly I have questions. I wonder about the medical care this young boy is currently receiving. I wonder if he has been taken to a specialist or a psychologist regarding the behavior you mention. Mostly I wonder about your perception of the situation. Do you feel that your fiance is taking care of his son? Are you more annoyed by this behavior than you are concerned for the boy? Because, quite frankly, the latter is what comes across in your letter, and I find that alarming.

I hope -- so very much so -- that you help this young child seek the help he seems to need. I hope that you are talking to the boy, talking to your fiance, talking to professionals, and that you are doing so in an effort to find answers and be helpful. And, most of all, I hope you remember that the well-being of a child -- whether he be diagnosed with an illness, disease, or simply a quirky personality -- is something to be vehemently protected.

I hope you know all of this.

Kristine, TMH

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