My Glass is Half Full!

Anne Kimball

Bringing Borya Home

My Glass is Half Full! It's all about perspective, right? It's all about how you choose to look at the sh- I mean the stuff that happens in your life. So here goes....

Sh - Stuff that happened: I had to spend money that we don't really have on new pants.

Altered Perspective: I'm down a size and my fat pants no longer fit!


Sh - Stuff that happened: When I got back in my car, the battery light was on and my car told me that my battery was not charging, whatever that means. The needle on the battery gauge proceeded to nosedive on the drive home.

Altered Perspective: My car started! I was able to drive almost all the way home! Who needs a speedometer or a gas gauge?!


Sh - Stuff that happened: When I got to my mechanic, his "CLOSED" sign was in his door.

Altered Perspective: Since he's only a little one man shop, that probably just meant he was out to lunch. Or posathroom. Isn't that just quaint and provincial?!


Sh - Stuff that happened: The minute I turned off the main road onto the side street leading home, my car died completely.

Altered Perspective: I was able to coast down the hill and make it to within about 1/4 mile from home!


Sh - Stuff that happened: Couldn't get out of the car.

Altered Perspective: Who needs power locks? Who needs the driver's door? Who needs power windows, I didn't want to climb out the window anyway, what am I, a loser? Now that I've lost a little weight, it's easy peasy to extricate myself from behind the steering wheel and climb over the cup-holder-storage-compartment-area over to the passenger's seat and out the door b/c that lock never worked anyway, see, isn't that a good thing?


Sh - Stuff that happened: Triple A informed me my battery's dead and my charging system ain't workin'.

Altered Perspective: Yay for Triple A!!!!


Sh - Stuff that happened: Tow truck hauled Beulah up onto the flat bed and drove me and my car to my mechanic's, while I silently prayed the "OPEN" sign would be in the door.

Altered Perspective: Wow, what a wonderful car is my Beulah. 205,000 miles and this is the first time she's had to be towed, not counting those pesky collisions! And look! Bill IS open, PTL!


Sh - Stuff that happened: Couldn't pick up my youngest from school. Couldn't take him to his appointment.

Altered Perspective: Yay for my friend Theresa! She was able to pick Daniel up from school and deliver him all the way home for me!


Sh - Stuff that happened: I will have to pay through the teeth, with money I don't have, to repair my ancient jalopy.

Altered Perspective: Maybe I can make it all the way to 300,000 miles! Go Beulah!

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