My Green Wedding Shoes

 When PB and I started to plan our wedding the colours were Green and Purple. Like Joker colours haha.  About the time we found out I was pregnant we were moving the wedding from our current location to Ireland. To avoid stress on me and the baby PB took over the wedding planning role. He did a wonderful job and it turned out to be a fantastic day. Here are some pictures of his planning choices.


Our cake was delicious! I wish I had more of it!
Classic, elegant, wedding. Black, White, and Silver.
The Citywest could change their carpets though haha.

I was in charge of the dress and the shoes. The dress I have mixed feelings about. I'll leave all that for another blog post. The shoes, the shoes I am proud of. Even though it was painful and my pregnant swollen feet almost didn't fit in them the day of the wedding. The flats definitely were a dream come true after those heels. It was something I contributed to our day.

Here are the heels for the ceremony
Flats for my 6 month preggo feet at the reception



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