My Guide for Dealing With Adult Queen Bees-A Radical Approach

I had a TOUGH job early on.  I had to be a lady in a TOUGH neighborhood.  Talk about impossible!

I’ll never forget the first time a girl stepped up to me.  Let’s call this girl “Shelly,” for the sake of anonymity. And Shelly was no joke!  Shelly had strong legs and arms and would fight with the boys in the schoolyard every single day.  Everyone was afraid of Shelly, especially me!

Shelly fought every girl in school, and eventually she would even fight me.  I dreaded and knew my day would come.  Oh, the UNKNOWN, how it scares all of us!

I did fight Shelly and everything turned out okay.  I wore band-aids on my knees and elbows and missed about two days of school. Let’s just say that Shelly gave me a really bad beating. But what struck me was that the actual fighting didn’t scare me and the scars afterwards didn’t hurt me either.  And, come to think of it, I rather enjoyed my two days off from school; I just watched “Saved By the Bell” over and over on TV. It was awesome! I even became friends with Shelly later on and we played basketball together many times after school.

There will always be girls like Shelly.  A sad reality is that you can’t protect children, or even adults, from the Shelly’s of the world. They intimidate, manipulate, play games, use scare tactics and sometimes even physical force to get THEIR way in the world.  So what can we do as adults to protect ourselves from the Shelly’s of the world? Well, I have some radical ideas…

A Radical Approach

-Be clever, bold and fearless. It’s important to be brave when dealing with a Shelly. They can sense fear.

-Play a little Poker. Know when someone is bluffing, (they usually are) no one has such a great deck of cards. 

-Trust your instincts and ask yourself the following questions: Why am I really afraid of this girl?  What is the worst she can do and can I take it?

-Show her how Toxic her behavior is by staying the hell away from her and refusing to interact with her. I’m sure lots of people feel the same way you do. Reach out to them and ignore her. (Works every time)

-Have fun with it. It’s just a silly game.

-Get over your fear of the unknown. Everything will be just fine.

-Do all of the above in a calm state.

Queen Bees want run to run the show.  But you don’t have to let them run your show. I definitely don’t let them run mine. God has a plan for me, and girls like Shelly have no place in it at all. And, let’s face it, you don’t have room in your life for them either. Let’s all say goodbye to Shelly at the same time, “Good bye Shelly!” Wow, that felt amazing and so easy!


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