Mommy Fail: My Hairdresser Noticed My Son Was Teething Before I Did

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Something was up.

Yesterday, my son E, who is almost 6-months-old, was really fussy and cranky -- more so than usual.

Today, I set him in his bouncer so I could make a sandwich and he played happily -- for about five minutes. Then, with no warning, he was inconsolable. Red-faced, screaming, sobbing. I tried everything to calm him as I tried to pack us up to get out of the door for my hair appointment. I grabbed a cool teether from the fridge at the last minute.

The car calmed him down a bit, and by the time we were waiting in the salon he was wide-eyes. I put the teether up to his mouth and he immediately chomped down on it, which he hasn't ever done before. My hairdresser came over and was talking and playing with him and then she said, "Oh! He's teething! I can see the little white bumps!"


I was dumbstruck. There was no possible way my son was teething and I just hadn't noticed. The doctor checked two weeks ago and there was nothing -- nothing! I stuck my (clean) finger under his little tongue and immediately felt the sharp ridges of emerging teeth.

I felt SO bad that I hadn't noticed before. I was simultaneously thrilled for the milestone and terrified for the process. I looked at his flushed, chubby little cherub cheeks and felt so bad that he was hurting and I hadn't tried to help him. Poor guy.

Oh well. I guess I'll chalk it up to another "mommy fail" and move on.


Photo Credit: meesterdickey.


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