My Happimess

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As an organizing coach, my motto is “an organized life = a happy life.” The process of self-reflection and personal growth is very much like the process of organizing. When unearthing the clutter, the mess often gets much worse before it gets better. But, as long as we stick with the mess, or discomfort, and look it straight in the eye and decide we want change, organizing our physical or emotion spaces ultimately surfaces more clarity, happiness and comfort than initially imagined.

My Happimess is primarily about learning to use (my) discomfort (fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, etc.) to grow and create joy. Hence, the motto, “conscious life = happy life.”

Through My Happimess you’ll hear a lot about my life, my marriage, starting my business, life lessons through organizing, my personal growth work with Lora, etc. I also offer tips and tools for unearthing your own desires to bring about change.


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