my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere - part 1

I can't quite believe that it's just short of two weeks until my blog is a year old. 

Simply put, it's been an incredulous and fabulous year. 

November 29 2008 was the day I clicked 'publish' on my first wordpress post.  I was amazed I'd even managed to work out how to set up a blog, but compared to what was going on in the world, it was really easy.

I knew from the start of the credit crunch I was heading for a sh*tstorm - working as a contractor for one of the biggest companies in the world, and with a job offer on the table, nothing was set in stone and I became more nervous day by day as the stock markets invisible fall out dust was settling across desks, it was suffocating, it was paralysing people, it was as if we were under attack.  People mouthed frantically to each other behind the glassed vacuums of 'private' offices in a vastly open plan glass space.  I took cab rides through the City and the cabbies drove at the suits as if they wanted to mow them down. 

This was really shit. 

I knew I should look elsewhere and so did everyone else but to no avail.  Jobs I went for evaporated, people I knew were sacked by email or text. 

I had a 'war effort' breakfast with a colleague and by the time we had eaten our scrambled eggs and half drunk our fancy coffee - 40 people were out the door leaving laptops, mobiles, blackberries and thwarted ambition behind.

My Christmas present for 2008 was my P45.

So what?

It's the frailty of corporate life that makes you question your personal values - who am I without this junk, without this stuff?  Who am I without a job, a career, a profession, a hope?  Ego no longer plays a part, it's a great lesson.

So this...

Against all odds, and the backdrop of possibly the worst financial meltdown I've seen in my lifetime, I've been lucky enough to find a new and exciting way of life that's helped me to overcome what was initially a hugely daunting prospect.

More to follow...


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