My Healthy Habit May Make You Cringe

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So I have this thing. I LOVE water ice cold, in a plastic glass...I know, it probably not BPA free, I can hear you all cringe...but this is real life. I can't stand the taste of water in a glass, but that's a glass of water. Which leads me to my oh so simple tip that it's silly, really.

It's all about...WATER.

I don't drink enough of it. That's not for lack of trying, of course. But I figured this post would serve if anything as a great reminder to us. Regardless of your type or diabetes or you medication, I always found I felt much better when fully hydrated. In fact sometimes I even notice my glucose numbers slightly lower. Even if it doesn't take the edge of your blood sugar numbers it still is super beneficial because the fact remains diabetes dehydrates you!

The higher your numbers the more water you have lost, and are losing. To put it very simply...Our body doesn't know what to do with the excess sugar and frantically panics and decides to dump it, including excessive urination. Yep, that's why frequent urination is listed as one of the symptoms...and back in the day was the main way to diagnose. By then it was often too late because so much water was being dumped.

So what are some ways to help you REMEMBER to drink water (yes, remember this post is for me too). I like to have containers that have the exact oz measured, that way I can see how much I am drinking. At first, you should tally how much you are drinking but eventually it will become such a habit, and you will FEEL the difference.

  • Start early! I like to have a tall plastic glass of water by my bed. That way I can start my day with at least 16 oz before I eat or drink anything else.
  • Try infusing your water with fruit or lemon!
  • Best times to drink your water: When you Wake, Before Each Meal, Before you Shower.

I heard on the radio that Americans are chronically hydrated, and that feeling hungry can sometimes be the body's way of confusing hunger and dehydration. I haven't checked up on that, but I wouldn't doubt it. If you feel awful you start to get used to it and accept that as your new 'normal'. Most of us don't even realize how much better we could feel!

 Let's all start with trying to stay hydrated and keep our immune systems strong!

So bottoms up!


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