My heart is in BlogHer '12

I had been 'thinking' about attending the BlogHer '12 conference for a few months now.  Initially, I was fired up and didn't want to think twice about attending my very first blog conference.  Then the fear and angst and complete doubt started to bubble into my psyche.  The idea of hundreds of women gathered in a place where they belong, where their voices are heard, where their ideas are inspired and nurtured and acknowledged all seemed intimidating to me.  

Not because I didn't think that all these facts weren't fabulous but more because I never really thought that I could also be a part of a large group like this.  I figured that I'm just this one small voice out here in the blogosphere.  I'm simply one small person adding a little bit of myself in a way that my heart drives me to.    

I thought, why would I gather around so many others that are so much more than I am?  I quickly realized that I was wrong.  I was wrong because my heart is in what I do.  My heart is in my passion for writing, sharing my stories, connecting my past with my present and inspiring others to live their lives with their own passion and drive.  I learned that it doesn't matter whether my blog followers are less than 100 or if my stats show 3,300 page views per month or even if I don't get comments on some of my blog posts.  The point is that I am passionate about sharing, expressing and communicating with individuals.  While I'm at it, my voice and tone and style is sitting somewhere in the blogosphere and it will either resonate with some or a ton or none.  It doesn't matter.  Every single one of the bloggers that are clacking away at their laptops, computers, iPhones, SmartPhones, iPads, etc., started out as a small voice.  Just like me.

It happened today.  I finally registered for my very first blog conference.  BlogHer '12 here I come!  Am I still a little nervous, YES! Am I looking forward to making great connections and contacts and possible opportunities, YES! Am I grateful for the handful of connections I've made with other wonderful bloggers, YES! I am ready and open and insanely excited about this upcoming adventure in my life.  I'm grateful for having a supportive husband and family that are just as excited about my passionate journey.  While there, I'll also be celebrating my 35th birthday! My heart is in BlogHer 2012 and I'm ready to embrace every ounce of it...




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