My Heart Is Still With Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton, you broke my heart on Tuesday night. When you
spoke at the Democratic National Convention, I wept. There you were,
radiant and more than ready to be our president. You rose above what
must be tremendous disappointment to become a statesperson, delivering
the speech of your lifetime. As I listened, I wondered just how many
Americans were slack jawed, regretting earlier decisions, votes cast.
How many said to themselves, "We could have had Hillary Clinton as our
next president. What were we thinking?"

my 91 year old mother and I heard your words, we became a Greek chorus
of two. Yes, Hillary would be a wonderful president. Yes, this is the
finest speech she's ever given. Yes, Hillary gives voice to what is in
our hearts. Yes, she knows of what she speaks. Yes, our own
disappointment is deep. Yes, it could have been, should have different.

You are presidential. What a waste that our bruised and battered and
divided country won't have you in that White House making us proud,
pushing and prodding, rebuilding and repairing the great damage done to
our country by a band of lawless thugs.

I never doubted that
you are strong enough and hard enough and woman enough to make good
decisions for America. What I also know now is that your presidency
would have changed my life in profound ways. The words 'civic
mindedness' and 'mindfulness' come to 'mind.' With you as president,
there would be no 'sitting back and watching.' Instead, I'd feel
compelled to engage in public life, public discourse, ever ready to
hold a hand in need or to do battle. Because it does take a village in
this world of ours.

For the moment, you, and Mom and I, will
subsume that dream of a good woman in the White House. A new tide
washed over us and as wise women, we will go with this flow
because winning in November is the most important thing that we can do for our
families, for our country and yes, for the world. Mired in failure and
destruction, we need to dig our way out toward hope and change. And,
"Yes, we can." I'm with you Barak Obama, but my heart stays with
Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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