My Heat Free Hair


Last August I discovered a whole new world of natural hair care and styles. I have always had natural hair but keep it styled by pressing or flat ironing. I was referred to a Youtube video about natural hair care and I was hooked. I started watching video after video after video. I just kept saying to myself “why am I so late in finding all of this curly goodness.”  Many of the products that are used were not that far from what I was already using on my hair, the difference was how they maintained their hair without heat. So from that day I vowed to not use heat on my hair for 3 months and wear protective styles. Now 9 months later I am still heat free and very creative with my styles. I figured why just do 3 months go for 1-year heat free. Honestly this has been really easy, I have no desire to flat iron my hair right now. Not to say that I will never flat iron again but right now I’m content with my curly hair. I have watched my hair transform and get its natural curl pattern back.


I keep my routine and products simple. I know what my hair responds to and I stick to it. My routine is not that different from what I did previous to wearing my hair curly. I continue to deep condition my hair every week and use Coconut Oil or Olive Oil to moisturize but I have added more protective styles as well as co washing. I have been enjoying the break from all of the heat styling and my hair has been enjoying it more.


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